Hello Visual Strategist

Welcome to this new Blog and thanks for surfing bye!

This blog is absolutely fresh and currently under development! You should find updated and related content that is addressing the process of designing strategy in more detail pretty soon … given you have a little patience ;-)

Essentially ‘Designing Strategy’ means that on one hand we will use tools, methods, and theories from the domain of ‘Design’ in order to facilitate the process of developing and formulating ‘Strategies’. Once these Strategies have been formulated ‘Designing Strategy’ is also about the application of ‘Design’ in order to communicate these Strategies to a broader audience.

Or as my business partner Erik from ZilverInnovation.com puts it: Desiging Strategy

“… has two sides: it is about solving design issues in a strategic way, and at the same time, it is about solving strategic issues in a designerly way.”

In case you are curious and can’t wait just drop me a note and I’ll get back to you: info (at) designingstrategy.biz

In the meantime you might want to have a look at my current blog: design-management.de